conceptsued° – are architects, creative designers, corporate and real estate economists. conceptsued° – is an international and interdisciplinary team that creates the working worlds of the future. We advise companies in the selection of a commercial property as well as in all the creative and rational decisions involved in a tailored office concept. We advise tenants and companies who use their own premises in the complex processes surrounding leasing and use. We support our clients in their relocations to new offices or in redevelopment of existing property. And we communicate all new developments to employee associations and staff. In this way, we create working environments in which employees feel comfortable and work more effectively by designing their paths to be as short as possible, their offices to be more flexible and by creating spaces for meetings or for breaks.
In short: We are business analysts, company advisors and project managers – and we apply our architectural and technical expertise to the tasks which arise along the way. We do this so that our clients can concentrate on their main task: the management of the business.
Furthermore, we are an active member of the DGNB - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. [German Sustainable Building Council], which aims to design living spaces for the future and which is the central platform for all who are interested and engage in sustainable construction. We create the criteria lists in collaboration with the other committees in the "Office & Administration Buildings" working group.

conceptsued° – creating space for your success.

Founded in 2003 by Dipl.-Ing. Timo Brehme as a tenant consultant and project manager for commercial premises, conceptsued grew quickly into an interdisciplinary team. From 2007 until early 2015 Master of Business Administration Daniel Eckes had joined the company as a partner. In 2010 conceptsued was registered as a GmbH. In 2012 architect and MCR (IREBS) Sven Bietau has completed the team.
Today up to 50 staff advise tenants and owner-occupiers in making the right decisions about the use of office premises – and support the implementation. In this the consultants, architects, corporate real estate managers and designers combine business analysis, business audits and project management with architectural and technical solutions. As a result, conceptsued supports companies in their aims to optimise added value, identity and efficiency – and helps owners and developers to respond to those aims with their properties. In 2012 the management team was completed by the arrival of architect Sven Bietau.