• Construction activities lead to valuable buildings, work places and accommodation as well as to:
    - 40% of energy consumption
    - 30% of greenhouse gases
    - 30% of resource consumption
    worldwide per year (DGNB, 11/2015). This is why we want to work on the reduction of the environmental impact by consistent or even better quality.
    Therefore, a forest sponsorship of over 3,300 square metres in the Canadian forest is annually undertaken at the Wilderness International foundation. Economic-intact natural landscapes, of which the most pristine of them are known as “wild”, give Wilderness International name and purpose. We also offer our customers a climate-neutral expansion or conversion of their rental space. In cooperation with Wilderness International, we can balance emitted greenhouse gasses through a forest preservation project in Canada. Scientists estimate that the contribution of the forests to human welfare to be roughly 14 billion euros a year (greenpeace magazine. 1.16). Yet more precious than the wood are its “services” such as the purifying of air and water, noise protection, adherence of soil, living room and its beauty.
    Furthermore, we are an active member of the DGNB - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. [German Sustainable Building Council]. We create the criteria lists in collaboration with the other committees in the "Office & Administration Buildings" working group.
    Additionally, we work with the architecture and building climate programmes at the OTH - Regensburg University of Applied Sciences [Ostbayerischen Technischen Hochschule, Regensburg]. In this context we also invite our customers to engage in sustainable construction and to do research.

    In conclusion: We happily advise our customers in all their questions concerning green offices and sustainable buildings.

  • Soon you will find more about the acitivties of DGNB - German Sustainable Building Council [Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen]