As a company active in property market research and with in-depth knowledge of results-oriented management in the commercial property world, conceptsued provides expert advice both to tenants and property owner-occupants – because how a property is used has a greater impact on its economic character than just the bricks and mortar alone.

Commercial property management encompasses all of the real-estate-related activities of a production, trade or service business. The company involved requires and uses the building to carry out or support its core activities.

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) works on the principle that you can only make the right decisions in real estate when offices and commercial spaces are considered not in isolation, but in the wider context of the company's objectives, core business and people – including management and employees.

We develop strategic concepts that not only cover property financing and maintenance, but also look at the objective that use of the building is intended to support, and what the company wants to achieve. We communicate with all parties involved, discussing requirements and relaying changes.

The CREM vision is to develop à la carte workspaces in line with the conceptsued philosophy; to create space for our customers to succeed and build working environments of the future where employees love to spend time.